The David Astor Journalism Awards Trust

Yasiin Mugerwa

Photograph of Yasiin Mugerwa

Yasiin is National Editor
of the Daily Monitor in Kampala.

As the paper's former
Chief Political Reporter, he mainly focused on public spending, development, transparency, and accountability issues, and his insightful reporting instigated some key governance reforms.

He also managed the political team in Parliament and wrote a weekly column, ‘Parliament Watch’, in the Sunday Monitor.

Prior to his appointment as National Editor, he served as News Editor. 

As one of the David Astor Award winners from Uganda in 2012, he was attached for three months to The Times in London, where he covered parliamentary proceedings in Westminster, and The Scotsman in Edinburgh.

He also wrote about the London 2012 Olympics for The Times and was part of the Daily Monitor team that covered the Games.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University.  In 2011, he took part in an International Institute for Journalism regional training course in Nairobi on reporting on public spending.

He started as a freelance journalist in 2005 writing for The Weekly Message, The Weekly Observer, and Jobs Weekly

In 2006, he joined the Daily Monitor as a freelance business reporter, later switching to focus on politics, good governance and public spending.  He was appointed a full-time staff reporter in 2010 and was promoted to Chief Political Reporter in 2013.

He is a member of the US Press Corps, the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA), the Uganda Journalists’ Association (UJA), and the Uganda Muslim Journalists’ Association (UMOJA).

Dedicated to the promotion of a healthy democracy, which depends on citizens having access to reliable and accurate information set in a meaningful context, he relentlessly pursues the truth through the professional discipline of assembling and verifying facts.

Twitter:  @YasiinMugerwa