The David Astor Journalism Awards Trust


Candidates are assessed primarily on the basis of these five key criteria: 

Professional Commitment.  Are they passionate about practicing journalism as a professional ‘calling’, not just as an income-producing job?  Do they have clear long-term aspirations within the profession and the determination to achieve their aims?

Local Commitment.  Do they have strong ties to their local community and highly value the contribution they can make by working locally as a journalist?  Do their career goals include continuing to practice journalism in their own country or elsewhere in Africa?

Talent.  Do they display some special talent, aptitude and flair for journalism – distinct from the abilities and skills they may have acquired through formal education and training – and do they have high potential to excel in the profession? 

Ethical Standards.  Do they have unquestionable integrity and adhere to the highest ethical principles in both their professional and personal lives?

Personal Qualities.  Do they have a sufficiently strong, resilient character to withstand the rigours of the profession and thrive?  Are they highly motivated, ambitious and driven?  Are they confident, independent-minded, courageous, resourceful and persistent?

There are no specific age restrictions, or educational, training and work experience requirements but candidates must be full-time working journalists (employed or freelance).